Welcome to Zenith Media Contents!

Zenith Media Contents has great vision of leading future entertainment industry by global exchange of various contents and spreading Korean culture to the world. We seek outstanding and talented future-oriented people, not biased against race, age, sex, and appearance.

Zenith Media Contents manages talent hunt, project planning, contents development and production. Moreover, we promise to satisfy not only our customers but also our community by sharing to society.
We plan to introduce a new trendy culture to Korea through various interchange of global cultures, and to continue Korean wave in worldwide by our upgraded strategy.

After all is said and done, we will always do our best to make sincere and trustworthy company with responsible and justified business. You will be able to experience a new lifestyle network via Zenith Media Contents.
Thank you very much for choosing Zenith Media Contents.

Zenith Media Contents CEO





• Production & Planning

  (Drama, Film, MCN, Entertaining Shows, Infomercial Video, Music Video)

• Distribution

  (Domestic / International Distribution, Online · Offline · Mobile Channel)


• Idol Management

• Artist Training System

• Album Production


• Music publishing and selling
• Producing
• Public Relations, Movie soundtracks and original soundtracks


• Focus on High Quality Videos and Image Contents

• Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Specially Online News

• Multi Channels, LIVE Broadcast

• Pictorial Star Marketing


• Marketing, Promotional and Sales Content Development via Corporate Network

• Launched Home Shopping via Domestic and Overseas Sales Network